carve /ka:v/ (v) - to engrave or cut figures as an art, hobby or trade.

We love carving perfect semi-circles in the snow.

It's our art. It's our hobby. It's our trade.

Softboot Snowboarding Carving Camp 2014 - Monte Bondone -PL

W tym sezonie organizujemy obóz snowboardowy. Od 16-go do 21-go Marca 2014 będziemy jeździć na krawędziach na sztruksie we włoskim Monte Bondone. Monte Bondone to niewielki ośrodek narciarski w Trentino, ale świetnie nadający się na obóz szkoleniowy. To w Monte Bondone rozgrywane były wszystkie konkurencje snowboardowe ostatniej Uniwersjady.

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Softboot Snowboarding Carving Camp 2014 - Monte Bondone

This season we will be hosting one carving camp. From 16th to 21st of March 2014 we will be shredding the groomers in Monte Bondone, Italy. Monte Bondone is a small resort in Trentino area, well suited for carving and snowboarding camps. It hosted 2013 Winter University Games' snowboard events.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to rip those groomers, and lay perfect carves on your soft boot setup.


Never Summer Raptor Snowboard Review

This is my chairlift review of the Never Summer 2013/4 Raptor snowboard:

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